Way back in the dawn of bowling, Ugg the caveman enjoyed bowling so much that he decided to bring his wooly-mammoth rib dinner to the lanes so he wouldn’t have to stop rolling his rock. His bowling buddies thought that was a great idea, so they grabbed their skins of fermented yak milk and contributed them to the feast.

Ugg noticed that while everyone was having a great time, they tended to travel in circles: They’d bowl, then hit the food table, then sneak a quick pull at the yak milk. Also, Ugg noticed that he and his buddies had formed a strong bond that helped them on the hunt for mammoth and cavewomen. Thus was born the ‘circle party.’

Fast-forward to the 21st Century. Here at Cordova lanes, we honor the contribution of Ugg and his bowling buddies by staging a circle party for any and all who want to capture the Cordoval Lanes Magic of a by-gone era. But, unfortunately, the recipe for mammoth ribs and yak milk were lost in the passage of time.

We haven’t dug up those recipes, and well, truth be told, aren’t trying real hard to do so. But, how do you use this type of event to meet cavewomen? Well, come on, it’s the 21st Century. We can find some great modern uses for the circle party.

For one, it’s a great vehicle for businesses. Entertain clients from another state, or reward your staff for hard work (or soft work, if your company makes pillows). A circle party is also a great way for a new set of officers to learn to work together as they assume the reins of a charity or business venture. You can even fill in that gap in the family reunion weekend plan. The possibilities are endless.

We can arrange a circle party for any size group. We can serve a large variety of food, ranging from finger sandwiches to hot Italian dishes. We can satisfy any thirst, from soft drinks and tea to top line liquors. We will do everything possible to ensure you have a great time.

Easy to arrange with heavy discounts (since it’s a package deal), the circle party is a true one-stop fix for your social or networking need.