Your business or civic organization needs to hold a meeting, and you need a roof over your head. Not just any roof; one connected to four walls would be nice. Climate controlled, quiet, access to facilities…the concerns just start running crazy through your head.

Give us a call. We have indoor and outdoor spaces to suit nearly every need. We can provide catering at any level, as well, and there’s a fun twist! Once your meeting is over, stick around and bowl a game or two. It’s a perfect opportunity to discuss any remaining issues from your meeting in a relaxed and thought-provoking way. It’s not really Cordoval Lanes Magic; light aerobic exercise is proven to increase brain activity, which stimulates problem solving skills.

Or, if your tastes run more to darts, horseshoes or just catching some TV, we can accommodate you. That’s why we call ourselves a bowling center; not a bowling alley. There’s more to Cordova Lanes than you think – stop by and see for yourself!

Rates for room usage are incredibly low. Actually, if it’s during the day, you have your meeting catered or you stay and bowl, and we don’t have to rearrange the room too much, we won’t charge you at all! Each circumstance is different – let’s talk about how we can support you and your organization.