Bowling as a Networking Opportunity – We are all Connected in Some Way

It’s a great icebreaker, since only one person is actually bowling at a time. The rest can be making fun of that poor soul, or swapping the names of a good plumber. Networking can involve establishing business- to-business connections, or getting the night shift and day shift inside your company talking to each other again. You can also invite new or existing customers or suppliers to a big, fun meet-and-greet.

This event can be a one-time blow out involving catering, drinks and bowling, or a once-a-week league night featuring teams from each satellite office or department within your company. You can ‘knock down two pins with one ball’ by turning your event into a fundraiser !

Keep in mind that joining an existing league will expose you and your business or talent to 30-60 people from every walk of life. So, while you’re having fun and getting some light aerobic exercise, you may find a new business partner.

Call us to discuss details – we can tailor your event to match any need that you have