Family & Kids

It’s just Cordoval Lanes Magic!

…bowling leads to health, happiness and self-esteem. Let me explain.

Bowling turns flabby, uncoordinated bodies into buff rocks with OMG motor skills.
Bowling turns a group of strangers into life-long friends sharing a common hobby.
Bowling, when combined with a fundraising event or league, turns introverted, inexperienced newbs into sharp, confident members of a greater community.
Bowling turns a group of strangers who happen to share a house into a family, as they struggle  against a common enemy (those darn pins!).

Opportunities abound for families and kids to get involved in this sport that will last a lifetime:

Pins & Pals Summer Camp runs for five weekdays, with start dates throughout June, July and August.

Family Fun League meets each Tuesday night. The idea is for the entire family to bowl together, in a relaxed and fun league environment.  C’mon kids, show Mom & Dad how to bowl!

Our Youth Bowling Leagues provide the easiest way to jump into bowling.  They meet on Saturdays.

Family Nights out of any size are special here at Cordova Lanes.

School field trips provide a great way to display school spirit. Cheer on your classmates as you enjoy the fun and excitement!