Fundraising Leagues

Fundraising Leagues:
Having Your Cake and Eating it, too!

Bowling provides fun, friendship and exercise.  It can also be the perfect way to build community spirit and feel good about yourself.

First some background so you can see the Cordoval Lanes Magic!

League bowlers pay a little bit extra each week into a prize fund.  This money is distributed at the end of the season based on how you finished in the league.  Now think about this:  Why not keep all that money together and contribute it to a worthy charity?

The extra amount collected each week is voted on by league members – it’s entirely up to the league how much each bowler gives.  Keep in mind that even a few dollars a week, multiplied by all the league bowlers, multiplied each week for the length of the league, will add up to a substantial donation.  And for that donation, your givers gain new friends, loads of fun each week, exercise and a dose of community spirit!

Your league can have anywhere from 16 to 100 bowlers, and run as long as you want.  We have spaces in the morning, afternoon, late evening (9 pm) each day; and a few spots still available at prime time (6 pm).

The opportunities for team-building, breaking down communication barriers and just plain having fun are still there.  Add to that the feeling of accomplishment that comes with helping your community, and you see why we say that you can have your cake and eat it, too!

Entertainment is getting expensive.  Bowling is not. And when you throw in the fun, challenge, exercise, fellowship, and sense of community, it gets better and better.

Cordova Lanes has a staff of professionals that can help you with your bowling skill, plan your league or party, provide food and beverages, and ensure you have a good time.  Give us a call and we’ll make good on this promise:  If you set up a league with us, We will do everything we can to make sure you have a fun time.

Cordova Lanes Bowling Center is standing by to help you.  Give us a call and you won’t be disappointed!

Steve Reynolds/Tim Shipman