Start A Bowling League Today!

Now is the time to start a bowling league for your office or church. Bowling provides an excellent opportunity for fellowship and networking. Once the league starts, the Cordoval Lanes Magic happens – you build camaraderie and get some exercise while having fun. And the best part is that you don’t have to be a good bowler to enjoy these things!

Leagues can be organized in many creative ways. You can set up a serious or fun handicap system. You can arrange bowlers based on gender or age. Scheduling is very flexible as well. We can arrange a time that will suit any shift schedule that you have, and we’re open 365 days a year! We’ve had many successful overnight lock-ins – anything is possible.

We can accommodate anywhere from 16 to 100 bowlers for a league. If you’re not sure you have enough bowlers to fill a league, let us help you find more participants that fit in with your group. We always have newcomers who want to take advantage of the benefits of bowling.

If a league seems to be too much of a commitment, consider an office bowling party. We can help you plan, organize and decorate for any size group up to 100 bowlers. The opportunities for team-building, breaking down communication barriers and just plain having fun are still possible if you visit us just once. And think of this: wouldn’t this be a fun and different activity to celebrate a co-worker’s birthday – a church anniversary – a special holiday?

Let’s face it. Entertainment is getting expensive. Bowling is not. And when you throw in the fun, challenge, exercise and fellowship, it gets better and better.

Cordova Lanes has a staff of professionals that can help you with your bowling skill, plan your league or party, provide food and beverages, and ensure you have a good time. Give us a call and we’ll make good on this promise: If you set up a league or schedule a party with us, We will do everything we can to make sure you have a fun time.

Cordova Lanes Bowling Center is standing by to help you. Give us a call and you won’t be disappointed!

Steve Reynolds/Tim Shipman
(850) 477-2300