Bowling The Inexpensive Way

Cordova Lanes partners with several websites who publish coupons and thrift certificates offering a wide range of special deals. Coupons will normally offer a free game or shoe rental with the purchase of a similar item.

Currently, we have coupons on: and (go figure…)

PLEASE use the coupons! We want you to have fun, and if that means you bring a friend along for free, we’re thrilled! We feel very strongly that bowling has a great number of benefits to offer everyone – we don’t want the cost to keep you from enjoying them.

Keep in mind there are other ways to keep the costs down. Shoes rent for $2.75 each time you come. A good pair of bowling shoes can be purchased in our Pro Shop for $30-40. If you come frequently, you can save on shoe rentals pretty quick.

Our prime time is just that – prime! Come bowling on Sunday mornings when you can rent a lane for an hour for $14 plus tax. Take advantage of listed seasonal specials. If you just have to bowl between Friday night and Sunday night (except Sunday morning), then use a coupon to cut your costs.

Penny-a-Pin on Tuesday and Thursday nights continues to be the best bowling deal in town. You only pay what you bowl; bowl a 147, pay us $1.47 for that game. Anything over 200 is free! Pizza Bowl on Mondays and Wednesdays is a great package deal! For only $40, you get three hours on a lane with a pizza and a pitcher of beer or soda for four people; shoe rental included!

The most effective way for a serious bowler to cut costs is the Frequent Bowler Card. For $110, you get six games per day for a month! It’ll only take you six days to recoup your investment – the rest of the month will be free bowling! During our last audit, we discovered that current card holders averaged over $210 in bowling per month – for only $100! Check It Out! We even have a slightly-less-expensive option, the ‘Less Frequent’ bowler’s card. These cost $85, and are good for six games a day but only on Monday through Thursday.

Now, for some serious cost-cutting, compare an evening bowling and eating in our snack bar with dinner and a movie! And, there’s a lot more interacting in your group when you bowl; no one is shushing you when you try to talk… no one cares if your cell phone goes off… no chain saws come slashing at you (well, except during our big Hallowe’en Bash!)…