Setting Up Your Special Event

It’s how a bowling center can be converted to an enchanting formal ballroom for that perfect wedding reception.  Well, a little hard work helps! It’s also how a group of devoted and concerned citizens can gather at Cordova Lanes and raise a large sum of money in support of their favorite cause. Again, hard work doesn’t hurt with this, either!

The process of setting up your special event can be easy.  We just need to know what you want to do; we can do the rest!  Special events include everything from celebrating a special day; to hosting the big wigs from the home office; to sponsoring a fundraising bash.

The best way to ensure all the details are covered is for you to call us and set up an appointment.  That way you can see the facilities for yourself. We can also discuss a menu, any special arrangements, and most important of all, make sure we compare our calendars and agree on the date and time.

As for the space we have available, you have to see it for yourself.  Our lounge can comfortably host 150 people.  If you include the 1,400-square-foot deck that’s attached, you can have 250 enjoying themselves.  Keep in mind that if you include bowling with your event, there’s room for a hundred more.

Okay, I know… you’re probably thinking of something smaller than that.  But you get my point? We need to talk.  We should talk here in the space you would be using.  It just makes sense. Keep in mind that events are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis.  So start the ball rolling as far in advance as you can.

Here’s some special information based on the type of event you’re working on:

Fundraising Events

Birthday party

Business/Civic Organization Meeting

Informal Social Gathering

Family Night Out

School Field Trip