Bowl In A League At Cordova Lanes

Play With New & Old Friends

Don’t bowl alone! Join or start a league. Be part of the community and enjoy the classic game of bowling.

Join a Bowling League

Once a league starts, the magic happens! Bowling leagues at Cordova Lanes bring people together. Make new friends, network with peers, and bond through friendly competition on a bowling league!

We have leagues for every level of bowlers from beginners to pros. Reach out to our staff members to join a league or start your own!

Fundraising Bowling Leagues

Start a bowling league to help your community and raise money! Encourage your friends to get together, have fun, and give back. Our staff are here to help launch your fundraising bowling league.

Reach Out!


How do I join a bowling league? ▼

All Leagues are open to anyone who wants to join in the fun. Don’t be shy – come out and meet some new friends! Check out our Facebook group or contact us to find out what leagues are playing right now. (Don’t worry if the start date has passed! Most leagues accept bowlers on a rolling basis to fill vacancies into their schedule.)

Upcoming Leagues
Why join a bowling league? ▼

Bowling is a great way to meet new people, deepen friendships, and get light exercise. And the best part is that you don’t have to be a good bowler to have a good time!

How do I start a bowling league? ▼

Gather your best 16-100 bowlers and get ready to dominate the lanes! Whether you’re a church group or colleagues, start a league and bond over fun at the bowling alley. Our staff is here to help you start your own league.